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by Alaska Dog Works

  Lead Dog Service Dogs

Lead Dog Service Dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply for a service dog? 

2. How do I recognize a service dog? 


3. Why do you charge for your service dogs?

4.  What is the cost involved to obtain a service dog from your company? 

5. Can Alaska Dog Works train my dog to become a service dog?

6. What is done with a dog that is discharged? What will happen to him?

7. What is the length of the training program?

8. Can I pet a service dog?

9. Can I feed a service dog? 

10. May I talk to a service dog team?

11. Can I ask a person "what is wrong with them?"

12. I own a business. What are the rules in allowing service dogs in public places?

13. Where can I find out more information about service dogs? 

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